Austin, TX – The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) is proud to join the Share the Gulf-Texas coalition, a diverse group of restaurants, seafood providers, conservationists, and fishermen working together to make sure Gulf fisheries remain fair and sustainable for future generations.  The coalition advocates for smart management of both the recreational and commercial sectors of Gulf fisheries.

Every year, Texans and visitors from across the country travel to the Texas coastline to enjoy fresh gulf-caught seafood and the thrill of the catch. Visitors and locals alike value Gulf fishing and the great Gulf seafood restaurants serving fresh, domestic seafood.   The Share the Gulf-Texas coalition believes that everyone deserves to enjoy Gulf fish – whether they catch them on their own or order them at a restaurant.

“Texas is proud to have access to some of the most delicious seafood and enjoyable fishing opportunities in the country. We want to make sure that our customers can continue to enjoy fresh Gulf fish and fishermen of all types have access to great fishing well into the future,” said Richie Jackson, CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association.

The Share the Gulf-Texas coalition was started in part as a response to a proposal (called Amendment 28) being considered by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council that could permanently reduce the portion of Gulf seafood headed to consumers by reducing the allocation of red snapper to the commercial fishery.

“We feel the frustrations of recreational anglers in Texas and we think things need to change.  But, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council should focus on plans that will extend seasons for anglers over the long-term, not on reallocation schemes that hurt consumers without solving the problems anglers are facing,” said Jackson.

Share the Gulf-Texas believes that everyone deserves the right to fresh Gulf fish, and if managed well there is plenty for everyone to enjoy.

“We’re proud to count TRA as a Share the Gulf-Texas member and look forward to working with them to preserve access to fresh gulf seafood for all Texans,” said Capt. Bubba Cochrane, Galveston commercial fisherman and a Share the Gulf-Texas co-chair.   “We need a plan that is fair and sustainable for everyone—consumers, fishermen of all types, and restaurants.”

Share the Gulf-Texas’ co-chairs are Bubba Cochrane a commercial fishermen from Galveston, Texas, Chef Hugo Ortega of Houston’s Backstreet Café, Hugo’s and Caracol, and Jim Gossen, Chairman of Sysco Louisiana Foods.  Its supporters include many other Texas restaurant, seafood and fishing businesses all dedicated to better management for recreational fishermen as well as maintaining a fair allocation for all Gulf fishermen.


About the Texas Restaurant Association

The Texas Restaurant Association was formed in 1937 to serve as the advocate in Texas and the indispensable resource for the hospitality and foodservice industry. Today, as a leading business association, TRA represents the state’s $40 billion restaurant industry, which is comprised of 39,000 plus locations and a workforce of over one million employees. Along with the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation, the Association represents, educates and promotes the growing industry. www.restaurantville.com.

About Share the Gulf-Texas

Share the Gulf-Texas is a coalition of chefs, restaurateurs, restaurant associations, seafood businesses, fishermen, conservationists, local food advocates and regular consumers that want to keep the local Gulf seafood industry fair and strong. Our simple goal is to make sure Gulf seafood continues to be shared fairly and sustainably so that all of us can enjoy it for generations to come.  Join the coalition at www.sharethegulftexas.com.

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