November 19, 2013

Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance Joins Share the Gulf

Coalition Seeking Fairness and Sustainability for All Gulf Fishermen

Montgomery, AL – The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance (ARHA) is proud to join the Share the Gulf coalition, which is working to make sure the management of our Gulf fisheries remains fair and sustainable.  The coalition believes that both the recreational and commercial industries are important to the Gulf economy and that if managed well, our fisheries can provide enough for everyone to enjoy the resource.

Every year visitors from across the country visit Alabama to enjoy its coastline.  They go fishing in the Gulf, shop in our towns, and enjoy eating fresh-caught gulf seafood at our restaurants. The Share the Gulfcoalition believes that everyone deserves to enjoy Gulf fish – whether they catch them on their own or order them at a restaurant.

“Alabama’s shores are home to some of the best offshore fishing in the country and recreational fishing is important here, but so are our restaurant and seafood industries and the family-owned fishing businesses that support them,” said Larry Fidel, ARHA President.

The Share the Gulf coalition was started in part as a response to a proposal (called Amendment 28) being considered by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council that could permanently change the allocation of red snapper to the commercial fishery and reduce the portion of the fishery available to seafood providers and the consumers they serve.

“We know that recreational anglers are suffering from bad management of the red snapper fishery and we think things need to change. We’re joining Share the Gulf because we believe that the solution to the problems facing anglers won’t come from efforts to take fish away from seafood providers, but from new and better management that provides for longer recreational fishing seasons and better data.”

“We want the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council to put its focus on plans that will actually extend seasons for anglers over the long-term and improve the situation for the recreational fishery, not reallocation schemes that hurt seafood providers without solving the problems anglers are facing,” added Fidel.

Share the Gulf’s Alabama co-chairs are Chef Rob McDaniel of SpringHouse and David Walker, a commercial fisherman from Andalusia.  Its supporters include many other Alabama restaurant, seafood and fishing businesses all dedicated to better management for recreational fishermen as well as maintaining a fair allocation for all Gulf fishermen.


About the Alabama Restaurant Association

The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance is the state’s largest trade association representing the lodging, foodservice, and tourism industries. The Alliance offers members lobbying support on legislative issues, money-saving benefits, information-services and training aids. The Alliance is located in Montgomery, AL. and has over 1,200 members.

About Share the Gulf

Share the Gulf is a coalition of chefs, restaurateurs, restaurant associations, seafood businesses, fishermen, conservationists, local food advocates and regular consumers that want to keep the local Gulf seafood industry fair and strong. Our simple goal is to make sure Gulf seafood continues to be shared fairly and sustainably so that all of us can enjoy it for generations to come.  Join the coalition at

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